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Flow Learning for Disability

Learn skills for your child with Special Needs to move with embodied strength and confidence

September 23, 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Free ASP Workshop on Saturday September 23 at noon EST

In this 2nd online workshop in our series about working with children, ASP founder Yuji Oka will be discussing the conditions under which your child with disability/special needs can accelerate their learning. Topics include building a connection of trust, simplifying your lessons, learning how to teach and listen, and providing an element of risk and creativity for a child. Participants in the workshop will also be shown case examples and be given a worksheet to discover their own ways to jumpstart their children’s learning. When a child’s learning style is unlocked and their flow is released, motivation and progress can become transformational. Join us for this fascinating look into a new of way teaching children how to move.

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