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Interested in inviting Yuji to speak, contribute to your publication, or attend an interview?

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Yuji graduated from the school of dance at Ohio State University (MA), with a background in physics from Cornell University (BA). He has been independently studying somatics and movement for over 30 years, and the Spiral Praxis Institute and its curricula are a product of his direct experience with children and adults all over the world.

Invite Yuji to Interview, Write, Or Speak!

Interview and speaking topics

These are some suggested interview topics:

  • The power of somatics and bodymind in injury rehabilitation

  • How Adapted Spiral Praxis empowers parents and caregivers

  • Why we need a natural complement to traditional medicine and healthcare

  • The importance of early childhood intervention in Cerebral Palsy

  • How muscular contractures can be released using bodywork and meditation

Wondering if Yuji can help you?

Yuji has worked with many children and adults with the following conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy, genetic disorders, auto-immune disorders, degenerative conditions, and others

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Down's Syndrome

  • Postural issues, including lordosis and scoliosis, lower back pain, ruptured discs, spinal cord nerve damage

  • A wide range of injuries and chronic pain

Podcast appearances

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PRESS Features and Materials

Upon request, we will provide:

  • Black and white versions of our logo in PNG and SVG formats

  • A biography of ASP Founder Yuji Oka which can be adjusted to your needs

  • Embeddable links to recent podcasts Yuji participated in

  • The Adapted Spiral Praxis mission and vision statements

  • Quotations from Yuji Oka selected to suit your publication needs

  • Photos of Yuji working with clients, teaching, or by himself

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