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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have no experience in bodymind work. Are this website and courses suitable for me?
    Yes you’re not alone! Not many people know of a somatic bodymind approach. However, as medicine evolves and offers more advanced medical solutions, it is increasingly recognizing that innovations in front-line therapy for children is absolutely necessary to complement their services. ASP has partnered with schools, community centers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare professionals to ensure that children get the best care possible. We have also presented at international medical conferences to demonstrate the innovative methods and results that bodymind flow techniques can bring. With this online portal and accompanying courses, we aim to demystify the motor intervention process, empowering parents and caregivers to become involved in their child’s learning process.
  • Can I take the course modules individually or do I need to take them all?
    The course modules are designed to be taken sequentially. If you want to take a particular module in the series, you must complete the modules that came before, including all assignments and quizzes.
  • I want to take the certification track but don't know if I can afford to travel to Canada.
    ASP founder Yuji Oka travels often throughout the year to visit with families in different countries. If you are concerned about the onsite certification requirement, please contact us to see whether you can schedule the onsite training during one of his travels.
  • Can I take both streams? Does it matter if I have more than child with a disability?
    Yes you can take both disability and special needs streams simultaneously. The fees are the same even if you have multiple children with disabilities/special needs.
  • Can the experiential activities of Adapted Spiral Praxis be learned in an online format?
    Yes! The pilot phase for our programs were first instituted during the COVID pandemic. We weren’t sure whether it was possible to teach our methods online but through videos and careful online guidance, we’ve since done many online consultations/mentoring with parents and practitioners. However, for certification candidates, we’ve included a 4-day onsite intensive as many advanced bodywork skills need to be learned live.
  • What services do you offer?
    The Spiral Praxis Institute for Bodymind Healing and Education is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to disseminating information about somatic bodymind practices to children and adults of all ages. We are hoping that this online portal will be helpful as both a free service for families with children with special needs and disabilities and for training/certification for those who want to learn more in-depth about bodymind interventions. For parents interested in private intensives, consultations or online sessions please visit our sister site at
  • I am a professional practitioner. Am I required to take the first year of classes?
    Yes. ASP is a new paradigm which requires a strong shift in the way we provide therapy to children. Part of that shift involves learning about the lives of families and parent perspectives. Another part of that shift involves working with children through physical contact and play, something that requires time, experience and discussion to master. In our pilot year, we found that professionals universally found that the first year of courses was essential for their understanding of ASP and we hope you will too.
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