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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This blog is dedicated to the power of adapted movement for kids with special needs and disabilities.

What we hope to show in our blog posts is the love, hard work, and creativity that parents, caregivers and therapists have demonstrated to help their children improve bodymind awareness and potential.

In Adapted Spiral Praxis (ASP), we are using a holistic, ecological approach that empowers parents and professionals to approach therapy through a child’s inner experience. We believe that when a child is able to learn movement through their own door, they will immediately grow to love it. And that is what we see everyday with in our sessions— a child’s laught

er, play, and surprise at what they are able to do.

Through ASP education, group discussion, and mentoring sessions, parents and professionals learn how to work with their children in a way that is dynamic, playful and dramatically effective. They learn that working directly with their own children puts them back in charge of their child’s progress, and that they can leverage their own intimate knowledge of their child’s personality to help them to succeed. As Director of the Spiral Movement Center, I hope these beautiful stories of physical overcoming will inspire you to work with your own child in new and creative ways!

With love, Yuji Oka

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