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Who Is My Child?

The Challenge Assessing a Child 
with Disability/Special Needs

August 26, 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Free ASP Workshop on Saturday August 26 at noon EST

This 1.5-hour workshop will be devoted to exploring the difficulties of assessing a child with special needs and disabilities. While there there are many protocols in the educational and medical field, very often a child’s individual learning style will make it difficult to truly know where he/she is really at. We invite parents to join Adapted Spiral Praxis founder Yuji Oka to discuss this issue and to learn how a holistic, common-sense approach can demystify the ways we look at our children. Topics that we will discuss include symptoms vs conditions,  pitfalls of standardized testing, physical assessment strategies, and home assessments. Please come for an hour of insightful, collaborative discussion!

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